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Benefits of online wholesale - Leapsaver

Benefits of online wholesale - Leapsaver

The past year has taught us so much, from cherishing our loved ones to learning how valuable our time is. Being at home now more than ever has made some of us grow skills and gain new hobbies. For some, cooking and baking became their go-to pastime, but finding the right ingredients and saving money when grocery shopping can be difficult at times. While still supporting local products; this is why Leapsaver Marketplace is introducing a new style of online wholesale.

Online wholesale is becoming the trend, and some may ask why. Here are a few benefits of why you should start shopping on Leapsaver.

Find locally-made products by Montreal entrepreneurs.

Supporting local can be hard, especially if you do not know where to start. Or, if you do not know the local brands near you. We offer a brand locator tool on our website, which allows you to pinpoint where our sellers are. Each of our sellers has its unique page, where you as a buyer can learn their stories and try out all sorts of products.

Shop our value packs and buy in bulk.

Bulk buying can help you save money on your grocery expenses. When going to a physical market, it can be a hassle to buy a lot at once. Since it takes up space in your cart and gets heavier as you load your cart. Leapsaver makes it easier for you. Since everything is done online, you can shop worry-free.

Save 15% to 30% on your purchases.

Grocery shopping can be costly and takes a huge chunk out of our weekly expenses. Compared to the larger scale price-clubs, Leapsaver provides you with products that are significantly less expensive. Exclusive kits and bundles have never been more affordable.

Experience home delivery.

Leapsaver allows you to shop and select your favourite products from the comfort of your home while getting them delivered to your door. Cut down on travel costs and save time!

Leapsaver Marketplace is reinventing the grocery buying experience, by making it affordable, more convenient, and widening your product choices. Leap into shopping with us!

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