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Les Tisanes Healtea

Les Tisanes Healtea

 Co-Founders: Francesco Mancuso, Leila Kairns & Pascal Francoeur 


The co-founders Francesco, Pascal & Leila are from the same region. We quickly became friends and accomplices because of our families of three children each, of the same age.
Francesco grew up partly in Italy and Montreal. He runs his family's Italian restaurant and is constantly striving to create new food combinations.

Pascal and his brothers built their family business in the construction sector and succeeded in moving from the company to the second largest crane company in Montreal.
Leila, an entrepreneur from a young age, with experience in sales, marketing and customer service, as well as her passion to teach everyone the choice of natural and health-friendly alternatives to improve health. vitality.

The winning trio, with each one his strength, then had the idea to start a company together. At a party in good company, the three accomplices converse about a gap in the food market, when traveling on the road, without alternative health to drink naturally besides water.

Returning from the family restaurant late at night, thinking of his Italian family's participation in the town's “Herborista”, the herbal specialist, Francesco came up with the idea of a ready-to-drink nettle tea! He then dives into the research to determine the feasibility of this product in the market. His research is satisfactory. There is no other ready-to-drink nettle drink. He joins Pascal and gives his presentation with all the winning reasons why it would work. Pascal decides to go into the business. They call Leila who instinctively jumps at the chance and decides to take on the project that is so dear to her heart. They all start to put their hands together to create the Healtea infusions.

After many combinations of herbs, better sweetener to use (to naturally sweeten very lightly, of course), research on the benefits of herbs, especially when combined to form a synergy. They discover that tea & brew are the second most consumed drink in the world, and this after water! You will see for yourself the result of this hard work.

The birth of the Healtea company, a herbal, 100% organic, 100% natural, vegan, caffeine-free and low-calorie herbal infusion company! We strive to always offer the best the way we want for our families, we swear to always improve to bring you the healthiest options for you and your families
We are now aiming to change the world of drinks, one Healtea organic infusion at a time!


  1. What does TheHealtea mean?
    It is a pleonasm, between the words healty and heal and tea (French tea), so tea that heals and is healthy, without making any claim that we can cure anything! We wanted to have a name that is reminiscent of something and that is bilingual like we are in Canada.

  2. Are you certified organic?
    Yes all our ingredients are 100% organic and certified by Ecocert Canada.

  3. What water do you use? 
    We use filtered city water to reduce the transportation of other water. Canada's water is excellent and world renowned

  4. Do you use a sweetener?
    We use only organic Canadian maple syrup because it's the only local sweetener and has health benefits. Whereas, refined sugars are empty and have no health nutrients.

  5. Do you use lemon juice made from concentrate?No, good pure lemon juice from Italy or originates Francesco the co-founder. 
  6. Is it low in calories? 
    Yes, the full bottle of 300ml contains only 6g of carbohydrate so 30 calories per full bottle. Which is less than a fruit juice and the majority of synthetic iced teas.

  7. Do your infusions have caffeine?
    No caffeine, because we use herbs that are naturally caffeine free or theine, we do not use tea to make infusions.

  8. Is it certified kosher?
    Ingredients are kosher, but we do the products are not certified for now.

  9. Are your infusions vegan?
    Yes we use 4 herbal ingredients as well as water, lemon juice, maple syrup and two herbs that's all. We do not have an official vegan certification yet, because there is no official certification body and currently control in Canada.

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