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Jess's Juice Remedies

Jess's Juice Remedies

 Jess’s Juice Remedies

Hudson, QC  |   12 Leapsaves | On Leapsaver since 2019


Jess's Juice Remedies was created by Jessica Dahan, a California modern hippie/artist residing in Hudson, Quebec with her husband and one year old. Jessica can tell you the benefits of just about any fruit and vegetable. After contracting a deadly infection from a car accident she was inspired to heal herself through a plant-based diet – her health transformed and she fully recovered. That life transition fuels her every single day continue in something that felt more organic & meaningful than just being a set – designer.

Jess’s Juice Remedies seeks to heal/nurture its customer using the highest quality of organic & fresh ingredients with effective fruit & veggie combinations, so you can reap the maximum benefits. We believe that fruits, vegetables, spices, superfoods are essential to a healthy human life – we want to share our passion by providing you with our various healing juice combos!



In order to enjoy the maximum nutrient benefits we never HPP nor Pasteurize our products.

An assortment of delicious juices handpressed by Jess. Variety Pack Includes 6 of each flavor: Celery, carrot-orange, beet-apple, and pineapple/kale.

Weight: 2 pounds 


Buy 2 bundles and get free shipping. . Ships in 2 to 3 days after order. FINAL SALE; we cannot take return for this order. . Most orders are delivered within 3-5 business days from the purchase date. . The drinks are only available in the Greater Montreal Area.

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