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Introducing Leapsaver.com: A New Holistic Marketplace

Introducing Leapsaver.com: A New Holistic Marketplace

Buying local starts with leapsaver.com a new marketplace for local health food lovers

Aside from the produce section pushing local farmed fruits and veggies when deemed appropriate or seasonal, supermarkets are strategically mapped-out to blend healthy with nonhealthy foods, intentionally tapping into consumer impulsive buying patterns.

After visiting a health food expo in the spring of 2018, I was simply in awe as I discovered hundreds of local entrepreneurs that produced whole food brands. I wondered, where are these niche brands at my local supermarket? Many of these entrepreneurs did not have the budget to compete with Oreo Cookies, Ritz Crakers, or Skippy Peanut Butter shelving space? Many of them were in the health food section sold at premium prices... staggering food costs that make my mouth drop till today.

As a single mom of two with a very busy schedule, working crazy hours for an international corporation, I spent evenings or Sundays genuinely looking for healthier and peanut-free school snacks, made local at unbeatable prices… and when I couldn’t find what I was looking for, navigating aisle after aisle at Costco, Walmart, Provigo (Loblaws) or IGA - Leapsaver.com came to mind.

Leapsaver is an online marketplace that connects you to local deals of whole brands made by inspiring people in your area. It’s a platform where you know who you buy from, what’s in your food, and learn the stories behind the innovators and entrepreneurs of niche holistic brands.

Together, we can change the way we buy, save money and sustain the world that surrounds us, one local purchase at a time. Join the movement, explore our leapsales here. To start leapselling go here,  or email us at info@leapsaver.com.

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