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Our Story

Our Story

The story behind Leapsaver

My journey began with two desires: to bring awesome and creative bulk deals to grocery shoppers; and to empower inspiring food producers near us. I was a parent working crazy hours, in search of new kinds of snacks in bulk. Too many foods with preservatives occupied prime supermarket shelves, grocery flyers, and leading grocery apps and marketplaces. Tired of mindless shopping patterns, I needed a place to shop without the clutter of dominating mega brands and put awesome niche brands in the spotlight. When I couldn't find what I was looking for — and realized I wasn’t alone in seeking this— Leapsaver.com came to mind.



We can save money and support local brand makers in the grocery industry by buying in bulk and volumes. Grocery brands aren't limited to just supermarket shelves. Bistros, bakeries and even home-based artisans with professional kitchens crate brands worthy of space on a supermarket shelf. We believe, amazing smaller should have a marketplace that celebrates them so that they can thrive in a competitive supermarket industry. 



It’s our mission to flourish and sustain local communities by empowering niche brands, paving the way to an era of mindful and purpose-based shopping.



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