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Leapsaver: Saving Leaps of Faith One Brand at a Time

Leapsaver: Saving Leaps of Faith One Brand at a Time

As I began my entrepreneurial journey with leapsaver.com,  I took a huge risk, in fact, I took a major leap of faith. I was a single mom of two girls, living off a subsidized provincial entrepreneurial program, I had just broken up with my fiance and freezing winter weather hit early. As I moved back to my parent’s home, my daily commute to my kid's high school took an average of 35 minutes each morning, following which I I’d get cracking at a coffee shop of choice, each day it varied.

Despite it all, I had faith in my business.

Anyone transitioning from employee to entrepreneur is taking a leap of faith not knowing whether their entrepreneurial journey will lead to growth or dismay. No more steady salary, no more health benefits, and no more security in various respects.

I had loved ones tell me “it will take years to make money" but my gut told me to GO, GO and GO; my gut had enough fuel to get me going strong. I knew deep down what this marketplace can mean for local communities, brands, and entrepreneurs and the health food industry. I just knew.

I named this marketplace Leapsaver because initially, I wanted people to “leap into savings,” but as I pondered and the project evolved, Leapsaver became a NEW word in my dictionary, and an aspiration.

Leapsaver means saving leaps of faith one local brand at a time, and one purchase at a time. Saving niche businesses, dreamers who take leaps of faith and doers in a super competitive food market run by mega brands. Each time you buy on leapsaver.com you are putting money back to your community, recirculating a greater share of every dollar in the local economy, as you create locally owned supply chains and invest in their employees. The moment you make a conscious effort to take your dollars towards a new brand made near you, you are a Leapsaver.

Together, we can change the way we buy, save money and sustain the world that surrounds us, one local purchase at a time. Join the movement, explore our leapsales here To start leapselling go here,  or email us at info@leapsaver.com.

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