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The Importance of Purpose in a startup

The Importance of Purpose in a Startup

purpose meaningWork is a resource that allows us to earn a living in today’s society. So why is purpose important in the workforce? Because every start-up has a reason for being. An idea. Spark or passion being planted, followed by the journey of seeing it come to fruition. 

An intention that begins with purpose brings forth so much more than just that. The mission that keeps you coming back. The dedication that you put into it. The patience and mindset that you embody are all principles that allow you to realize and fulfill your true talents and potentialities. If the workplace does not spark any of these then what is the point of the results you achieve within the organization?

Empty rewards and temporary joy?

Without a reason to grow, Without a purpose to ignite you; work that stimulates you and colleagues to push you forward, are you really using this resource to the best of its abilities. 

Consider the drive and leadership that a founder must have to transfer all that he envisions to his staff, partners, clients, and overall team. Why is purpose important in the workforce? Because it attracts the people that are essential to the organization’s vision being translated into strategies. The role that each plays within the system depends on the skills and drive that they bring to the table, it begins with their motivations and aspirations. It begins with purpose, why.

The team that any CEO brings together depends on how able they are in communicating their why. Thus, the results acquired as a team depends on each individual’s purpose. The workforce is fueled by the mind-force. 

If the future of the organization is determined by the intention within, then the future of each individual is determined by the same factor. A purpose you serve, brings forth meaning and responsibility. A passion you dedicate yourself to brings forth mastery and income. And a service to the community brings forth growth and fulfillment. Simply put, purpose allows you to be part of a company that exists for you. A company that believes in what you are striving to achieve and vice versa.
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