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Silicon Valley Based Founder Institute in Montreal Launches 13 New Tech Startups

Silicon Valley Based Founder Institute in Montreal Launches 13 New Tech Startups

The world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator, the Founder Institute, in Montreal announces the newest alumni from the Quebec chapter’s first ever virtual 2020/2021 Winter program.

Over 400 people applied to the program, and after an intense four months of aggressive business-building sprints and constant evaluation and feedback from investors and mentors, just thirteen companies were able to make it through. 

Each of these Founders have demonstrated a high level of perseverance and creativity, and their businesses have been thoroughly vetted and supported by a panel of Montreal's top startup experts and investors.  

Introducing the New Alumni of the FI Montreal Winter 2020/2021 program: 

Leapsaver Marketplace is reinventing the wholesale price-club to support local and emerging producers in food and household products. In the aftermath of the pandemic, a wave of new grocery brands emerged. Newer brands are impossible to find in supermarkets, on grocery apps, and especially in the leading wholesale price-clubs. Leapsaver is here to change that by making it easier for consumers to discover and shop exclusive value packs of best selling products made by local and emerging grocery brands; bringing a new kind of value to shoppers. Leapsaver removes middlemen fees so shoppers can save 15% to 30% off while supporting talented founders near them. 

  • Built Leapsaver Management Studio App for seller page creation, linked to geo-location map.
  • Successfully tested the transactional platform through an alpha private release.
  • Company has 50 registered sellers (emerging grocery brands) and a waitlist of 300 beta-shoppers.

Fields: Retail, Supply Chain, Ecommerce

Leslie Perez is the Founder and CEO of Leapsaver, the marketplace democratizing the wholesale price-club industry. Running her own creative consulting agency these past years, Leslie comes with 20+ years experience in digital marketing, spending a decade managing marketing in the hi-tech sector. Leslie earned her BA in Communications Studies and Digital Media from Concordia University '03. Her passion for innovation, giving back and helping people reach their potential is her guiding force in building a purpose-based company that fosters community.

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