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About Leapsaver

Love Local Bulk

Leapsaver Marketplace is reinventing the wholesale price-club to support local and emerging producers in food and household products. In the aftermath of the pandemic, a wave of new grocery brands emerged while newer brands are harder, and often impossible to find in supermarkets, on grocery apps, and especially in the leading wholesale price-clubs and supercentres.

Leapsaver is here to change that by making it easier for consumers to discover and shop exclusive value packs of best selling products made by local and emerging grocery brands; bringing a new kind of value to shoppers.  Leapsaver's mission is to flourish and sustain local communities by empowering innovative individuals paving the way to an era of purpose-based commerce.

Our Story

Leapsaver.com emerged from 2 desires - wanting to stock up on the best emerging grocery brands, and wanting to save money while supporting awesome business owners. As a busy parent, marketer, and past blogger, I knew there were amazing local and specialty brands the grocery industry was not selling nor promoting. When I couldn't find these brands in bulk and realized I wasn't alone in yearning for this - Leapsaver came to mind. If there is one lesson this pandemic has taught us, is the importance of supporting emerging businesses.

     Leslie Parez
Founder & CEO, Leapsaver Marketplace

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