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Seller leapsaver

Finally, a wholesale price-club where emerging brands sell value-packs locally.

Start selling in kits, bundles or variety packs to grocery shoppers near you.

Grow your food brand locally.

The wholesale price-club industry wasn't made for emerging and local food producers and brands to thrive in, until now.

Sell bulk

your way

Finally, a wholesale price-club exclusively for local niche brands. Simple terms to help you craft your variety pack offers - we call bulk. Choose the products to bundle, and the timeframe you want to sell them.

Boost your

brand, locally

We promote amazing sellers with amazing stories and unique food brands. Boost your visibility while you sell your products in a new way.

Sell more

earn more

Leapsaver helps you create your variety-packs and sell them to shoppers near you. Increase your margins, bypass supermarket middlemen fees of up to 30%.

Move stock,


Got extra stock? Turn low season into high season or move your stock surplus faster - selling bulk will get you there.

Your bulk shop

built by Leapsaver.

We work with you to customize your seller page with your success story, video, terms, and bulk offers.

Once you complete the application, you will:

  • Have your own seller page Have bulk offers listed on our marketplace
  • Be promoted on our social media and local seller print guide.
  • *Delivery and fulfillment is an option at a premium.


The Making of Leapsaver

As a busy parent constantly running to the supermarket, I knew there were amazing local food brands the leading wholesale price-club was not selling. When I couldn't find local food brands I wanted in bulk and realized I wasn't alone in yearning for this - Leapsaver came to mind.

If there is one lesson this pandemic has taught us, is the importance of supporting local businesses. So join in, let's Leapsave together and flourish our local food industry by stocking up on the AMAZING food brands our City has to offer."

Leslie Perez
Founder & CEO of Leapsaver

P.S. Feel free to email me at