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Gluten-Free White Bread Loaves, 2-Pack


2-pack X 450 g  

Wholesome, nutritious, and delicious gluten-free white bread loaves. 

Allergen Information: 
Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Wheat Free, Nut-free 

Water, gluten-free non-GMO starch blend (modified tapioca starch, corn starch, potato starch), brown rice flour, whole eggs, canola oil, sorghum flour, organic sugar, xanthan gum, instant yeast, salt, apple cider vinegar. Contains eggs.

  • Gluten-Free; Vegan/Vegetarian; Kosher pareve
  • Storage: Freezer
  • Manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free facility
  • Package Information: 2 count

    Preparation Instructions: 
    Thaw and Serve, Lightly Toast For a Crispy Crust

    Made in Montreal, Quebec

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